Irregular 4 Christ Mixtape

by Irregular4Christ

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In 2011 Irregular put out his first gospel hip hop Mixtape, which was self-titled the Irregular4Christ Mixtape. This album introduced who Irregular really was. It took a raw look inside his life, giving his testimony and showing how Christ carried him through his own struggles. It also introduced listener to a prominent and melodic singing voice in his wife Krystal, who brings a cool calm to the gritty lyrics Irregular inflicts in his music. The Mixtape was an instant success and Irregular began his missionary work traveling from place to place giving his testimony and performing throughout the Western States.


released September 11, 2011

All Credit to Jesus Christ for saving me from my sins.
Sword Chamber Studios



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Irregular4Christ Las Vegas, Nevada

Irregular4Christ is a music ministry dedicated to giving hope to the hopeless by spreading testimonies of God’s grace. The ministry is directed by Irregular and his wife Krystal Marie. Their sound includes the many faces of emotion they put into their music, including a raw hip hop flavor, along with soulful songwriting and heartfelt lyrics, infused with a Kim Walker style of worship. ... more

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Track Name: The Movement-feat:Krystal Kern and Michael Keown
We living in the movement our service through the music(Christ’s like)
Seeing it in his way he’s leading me by day break(that’s right)
Just me and my God nothing at odds
Just Listen This is (Christian)(real life)(worship) music music

I do this all for you
This is my life I pledge to keep it true
You are my light the guide that lets me know
Your by my side if(when)ever the darkness grows

Verse 1
Put Christ in my life couldn’t weather the storm
He’s the reason I survived and got back into form
The reason that I’m breathing that I’m no longer fening
The nightmares come by night but by light I’m day dreaming/
fantasies of fiction left inscriptions in my head
knowing prescription addictions kept me imprisoned in my bed/
Lived the fast life then it all slowed down
Crash landed in a bottle full throttle where I’m found/
It all ceased when he rearranged my mental
My deranged world changed to nothing coincidental/stop
Something sentimental started taking a stand
Found a divine understanding for the make of a man


Verse 2:
Back by Christ through his popular demand
And some well placed participants all part of his plan
A can do attitude my life filled with gratitude
I write to the mic speak to Christ as my avenue
My service as my words work the surface
Reach into your soul fill the pull toward my purpose
Let you know he turns a sinners into a new beginners
takes depression and pain by the rains toward the winners circle
Our hurts can turn the color purple bruised from abuse
Double crossed dwelling on our loses used and confused
Take it to the cross you’ve got nothing to lose
Blood spilled from his son killed he did it for you


Verse 3:
Sanities imprints off in the distance
Precise in my life never gone within an instance
God’s love not a manifest destiny
His eloquence is evidence as a living breathing entity
Everything he’s sending me confide in my sobriety
My lies are mine defined in time regrets my biggest enemy
Save peace the proof is in the pudding
The savored taste by the truth of grace won’t leave us lost and looking
I relapsed as a relaxed citizen
Imprisoned in my sick as sin where solitude is shivalry
Found comfort in my misery my pessimistic symmetry
The devil tries to guide my lies with pagonistic imagry
Till death do us but my part is by his placement
Erased my waste replace with grace my holy spirits ailment
Take me but only when your ready
My hollow heart is shaky but your hand that guides is steady
(Truthfully for me its tough to let it be)
(But when you whisper words of wisdom you set me free(set me free)
Track Name: Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ alive and take what comes to me
Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ revived within his company

Verse 1:
Once lost but soon to be found
Christ picked me up where the devil hung around
Felt sound in my element like life was irrelevant
Sent an angel to my corner to pull me from my prevalence
Insanity was my issue for this misused utincel
Denied when I tried misconstrued monumental
Moments of clarity seemed like a parody
no chist in my life so happiness was a rarety
tarring me into so apparently to choose
My condition was enlisted as a misused youth
Accepted adolence as a menace to society
Then Christ presented life so bright in my sobriety
Family and friends without pessimistic propaganda
No more thick as thieves creed (as my standard)
Rather achieve through belief bequeathed from my king
soldier for christ ignight this message to bring

Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ alive and take what comes to me
Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ revived within his company
Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ do right to keep from crumbling
Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ take flight and then he humbles me

Resist the devils disease don’t damage the dream
To follow in fellowship God’s freedom is free
It won’t cost you a fee to flee from temptation
Turn towards the light were revived through salvation
No more shadow walking were marching in the sun
Our one and only behold the holy heart beating drums
Together we come to run down the enemy
Use the power of prayer positive placement of energy
Devil guilt tripping trying to take us from our plans
The modern man hustle places muzzles on our fans
We need to band together or we’ll easily break
The church as our stadium filling seats with God’s grace
Put faith in our coach Christ the divine
Bible as our play book spreading peace for the mind
Righteous design from this gift from above
A sacrificial lamb Christ given in love

Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ alive and take what comes to me
Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ revived within his company
Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ do right to keep from crumbling
Celebrate recovery put two feet under me
I walk along with Christ take flight and then he humbles me
Track Name: Making a Comeback-feat: Krystal Kern
I'm a survivor and I'm living to the fullest
the hard times arent over but I'm playing with a full deck
Making a comback creating opportunities
underdog story for the small town communities
Living proof of what Jesus can do
once trapped by the darkness now I'm preaching this to you
Dazed and confused family in the gutter
distance out loving spread thin smooth as butter
By daybreak I had lost another brother
three days before lost a sister to her mother
hard to move on when you're living in the past
hidding in the shade of your own shadow cast
But now I'm back moving to a new beat
devil's membership expired and Christ he renewed me
so meet the new me soldier for the father
reaching out to family while i'm wading through the water

I'm spreading this message to all the adolesence
anything is possible when your standing in his presence
walking in his footprints leading by example
give him your worries there's nothing he can't handle
The hard times are always going come
but without the rainy days you can't enjoy the sun
loving everyone and living in the moment
is hard enough to keep making up opponents
I want to own it I'm taking a stand
on my way home i'm taking you by the hand
marching through the sand together we endure
overcome and conquer till were home by the shore

Home in the distance made it by persistance
Christ as my guide eluding the resistance
the devil tries to turn away with fear
don't let him near I'm almost in the clear
mending family ties apologies for my lies
renew our bond and wipe the tears from my mommas eyes
mom and dad I was living so bad
I'm so sorry that I made you so sad
Glad to be home and make my amends
wrap my arms around my two best friends
till the end we'll make it together
home is where the heart is and there ain't nothing better
Track Name: The Answer
Trapped in a sentence bars are the building block
Christ like apprentice spitting fire melting winter shock
Tough talk will get you know where in saints city
The 7 deadly sins take shape in prides pity
Lord please forgive us take away the misery
Trapped within our bloodlines and our hate driven history
Channels of our criminal minimal minds
Are broadcast on television frontpaged in headlines
Media feeding ya frenzies for the forsight
Have us believing we won’t make it to a fort night
Earthquakes, middle east, radiation, tsunamis
Casualties of war have us folding flags like origami
Blinded by our plights and our false sense of entitlement
Where everyone believes they should be the captain of a sinking ship
No more fellowship no more we as people
Dictators spectators God made us to believe as equals
(A trinity of living Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit)
(Divinity of life sacrifice for our sins(souls) deterent)
(If you don’t want to hear it change from this station)
(Cause real life music doesn’t hide you from what your facing)


Christ is the answer love is the building block
The bible’s God speaking prayer is the way we talk
Gifts given upon us all from his majesty
All that he asks is we trust in his promising

Verse 2:

Depart from my memory hatred for my demons
Lost family wages placed patients with diseases
Sick in the head living with the dread
If failures not an option sometimes its force fed
I once was a bipolar hiroller citizen
Imprinted in sicknesses sinning with the sinister
Dark in my dealings devil as the dollar
Green with shocking dreams like don kings barber
Fading from the limelight now trying to live Christ like
The regrets of a sinner don’t just dwindle when the times right
It’s hard work to rise from the ashes
Trust in the father twelve stepping with the masses
Gashes to gashes we must we must
Remember sacrafices from the crusafixed one
Mothers to daughters and fathers to sons
Would you watch your babies die to save the sins of the sum
Track Name: Living in the Shadows-feat: Michael Keown
Verse 1
(I was) living in the shadows way benieth the surface
Hiding in the thought that my whole life’s worthless
Uncertain of my future or the path that lied before me
Scared to end up as a wasted talent story
Locked in a cage and stopped trying to escape)
Cut off to the world by my own self hate
The state that I was in had me in a slumber)
waiting for the reaper to Call out my number)
Stressed to the point I was staring at a bottle)
(And) if the lid popped off there’d be no more tomorrow)
My sorrows was filled with inscriptions and doses)
And when they all fall down it was no ring around the roses)
I closed doors but kept peaking through the cracks)
looking for ways to reup and relapse)
Heard Jesus(rehab) could save me from (my) desires)
But didn’t want to listen so I fell back in the fire)

Verse 2
(I was) searching for an answer looking for reason
Wondering why my problems came with the season
Life was passing by with me watching from a far)
Thoughts were spinning in my head about who we really are)
I was mentally confused (felt) physically abused)
Knew I did them to myself I was dwelling on my blues)
Till one night I saw it oh so clear
Drowning in my addiction knew I was giving into fear)
Had no hope I was hanging on a prayer)
Looking in the mirror my own face I couldn’t bear)
Picked up the phone then his Angel finally answered
Tired of the cancer (she) said surrender to the master
But How could I be worthy of his mission)
I was dead to the world but then he pulled me from my prison)
Taught me how to listen stop living in my lies)
No more dwelling on my past he cleared up my grey skies)

Verse 3
He gave his son’s life to save me from my sin
Saved me from addiction gave me faith I’m all in
Got baptized and now I’m finally living free
Lord I’m no longer afraid of who you want me to be
I can see the truth (my) salvation through faith
Now I promise to give it back by your God given grace
Give me strength to pass along your message
Let the holy spirit live through every single sentence
I do this for you don’t know any other reason
Humble me in quest so I ever turn to treason
You give me hope with tears running down my cheeks
you’re the passion of my spirit you hold me when I’m weak
Christ I will seek till I meet you after death
Your will will be fulfilled till I take my last breath
Lord not yet please let me finish this for you
My honor to the father for my soul remains true
Track Name: The Outcome
Verse 1:

I was deep into dealing for 10 plus years
Used 15 instead of facing fears
Mirrored in directions with falsified perceptions
A life of crime was mine filled with devious deceptions
World’s against me every one was foe
My life was comprised of rotting torsos
Living in a horror show trying to escape from reality
Popping pain killers conceiling me in insanity
Losing gravity falling into isolation
Devils discouragement God’s (given) revelation
Took me from disease to please with my talents
A triple threat vet skill sets like Ray Allen
Write, rap, outreach all for his kingdom
Speech, teach, preach of peace for God’s freedom
Seek him he’s waiting for the broken
I once was lost but now I’m found in the open

Gun to your head think about the outcome
Friends and family tragedy blacking out photo albums
Death is forever life is for never
Gone within a moment couldn’t get any lesser

Verse 2:
I once was a criminal with no understanding
God was a mystery without a sense of planning
Pushed scripts to their limits sold to undeserving spirits
Addicted the conflicted and didn’t care to hear it
Christ didn’t register my pestilence was sinister
Mister minister was a fixture of false fixtures
Idols in the bible I was idol in survival
This suicidal child didn’t pedal in revival
Break down! institutionalized
Mental capacity a bipolar who was scrutinized
Christ stood by soldiering through his angels
This baby reborn with his hand to rock the cradle
I’m feeling able to join the Lords army
Marine in regimes for the saint city storming
Training for the glory all given to his kingdom
Sword for the Lord my tongue speaking for (God’s)freedom

Gun to your head think about the outcome
Friends and family tragedy blacking out photo albums
Death is forever life is for never
Gone within a moment couldn’t get any lesser

Verse 3:
My brain was stained with Kurt Cobain rituals
My brethrens skull scattered and gathered (broken) individuals
Tainted in time my mind was consumed
The smell of death bottled up like embalming perfume
Nothing new tragedy was already the usual
Born to a surrogate then taken by more suitable
Crutial in my making saved me from mistake
Adopted baby boy awakened to a new resting place
Was it grace I believe it had to be
Definition premonitioned to a Christ like majesty
Strike this writing wordsmith speaking to the people
Lethal is the gospel that deseats the throne of evil
The battles within rages under heat
Train(ed) the mind and spirit so I don’t meet defeat
speak from the ephesians (put on) the armor of the Lord
Equiped with shields of Gospel enriched my flaming sword

Gun to your head think about the outcome
Friends and family tragedy blacking out photo albums
Death is forever life is for never
Gone within a moment couldn’t get any lesser