Saint's Summer

by Irregular4Christ

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Saint's Summer is a mixture of high energy lyricism over a banging instrumental. It features production by J.D. Beats and includes samples from the song "Summer in the City"


Verse 1:
Gritty in the city saints in the summer time
Vegas outreach in the streets average 109
Primed as a soldier sunrise to sunset
Souls redeemed for the now but hasn’t come yet
Coheirs prophetic rhyme writers
End of days displays pen to page sparking fires
Masters apprentice spitting on the dark lord
Falling into hell now you’ll finally hit the hard core
Want more well there’s plenty to come
Turn from your ways and be raised by the son
Run from the sins of your quiet indecision
Dive into the word and start swimming in wisdom
Listen in to the son of man synonyms
A single man who sanctified simpletons
Deliverance from our sinful existence
The new Adam dawns the eve of our innocence

Verse 2:
Scratching out my plan surrendering at step 2
A mismanaged life gave me something new to step too
Son rising shining through the Christ light
A trilogy of life taking flight like the dark night
My final chapters yet to be written
Dead in the beginning now living cause he’s risen
A circumcision from this prison of flesh
The Holy Spirit left me lyrically blessed
So throw a fist in the air if you’re feeling me
I’m serenading mics to inspire y’all spiritually
Raw ability this is God given
Redeemed relationship not man’s religion
Envision it a limitless forgiveness
Sinless for every minute of existence
Witness to the absolute proof
There’s no success without an absolute truth
You can choose in the land of the free
But if you choose to live in bondage what does freedom really mean
Drawn to a dream or a reoccurring nightmare
Rich down on Elm Street frightened by their wealth scare
As for me I’m resting in the spirit
Never watch the news cause its negative endearment
Souls deterrent flipping to a new page
The fear of the nation won’t control the age of grace


released June 21, 2013
Production by J.D. Beats and includes samples from the song "Summer in the City"



all rights reserved


Irregular4Christ Las Vegas, Nevada

Irregular4Christ is a music ministry dedicated to giving hope to the hopeless by spreading testimonies of God’s grace. The ministry is directed by Irregular and his wife Krystal Marie. Their sound includes the many faces of emotion they put into their music, including a raw hip hop flavor, along with soulful songwriting and heartfelt lyrics, infused with a Kim Walker style of worship. ... more

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